Hey! I'm Ryan Zhou.

I'm a 24-year-old guy living in Melbourne, Australia.

Spaceship Startup Founder Prototype Full-stack Engineer Investment Portfolio CFA

My Work

CoinJar Full Time

Spend, Send and Trade Digital Currency

I co-founded CoinJar with Asher Tan in May 2013 and it has since grown to be the most popular digital currency platform in Australia. CoinJar has more than 450,000 members and over A$1.5 billion in trading turnover to date.

At CoinJar, I’m leading a small but highly effective engineering team to build award-winning products with strong focus on security, scalability and usability.

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CableGeek Side Project

Technology for the Connected Lifestyle

Originally built as a side project to serve a niche market of gadget lovers, CableGeek became a new growth story in eCommerce. Bootstrapped in late 2016, CableGeek has over $500K sales in the first year and a 4.9-star customer rating.

I’m a software guy, so I fully automated the two core ingredients in online retail: logistics and marketing. It turned out this business went pretty far.

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Smart Alpha Investments Hobby

A Private Investment Company

During my spare time I manage a family-owned investment company. The portfolio spans multiple asset classes including global stocks, fixed income securities, commodities, and unlisted equity. As a CFA® charterholder, I know my stuff pretty well.